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Built in 1832, Survived in 2011

By Martha Spear. Our Upper Jay farmhouse has a sign on it saying it was built in 1832.  No one living knows for sure if that’s true.  I spent some hours in the Essex County, NY Clerk’s office looking up ownership records, and got back pretty far, but not to… >>More

The Making of a Preservationist

By Steven Engelhart. As the executive director of Adirondack Architectural Heritage and a contributing writer to The AARCHER, I’ll write about a lot of things closely connected to our work – preservation success stories and failures, interesting people that I meet along the way, my views on various regional preservation… >>More


Adirondack Architectural Heritage (AARCH) is the nonprofit historic preservation organization for New York State’s Adirondack Park.  AARCH was formed in 1990 to promote better public understanding, appreciation and stewardship of the Adirondacks’ unique and diverse architectural heritage.  This legacy includes not only Great Camps and other rustic buildings, but also the many other structures that embody the whole range of human experience in the region.

AARCH’s active and engaged membership is made up of people who care about the region’s architecture, communities, history, and quality of life.  Join Adirondack Architectural Heritage today and you’ll be joining a group of people committed to preserving the places that tell the story of the Adirondacks.