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Location, Contacts and General Information

Camp Santanoni and the Santanoni Preserve are located in Newcomb, New York, just north of NYS Route 28N.

Camp Santanoni is open to the public year-round, 365 days/year, 24 hours/day, and is accessible (depending on the season) on foot, by bicycle, on cross-country skis or snowshoes, and via a horse-drawn wagon.  The hike to the Main Lodge is 9.8 miles round trip, although you may visit the Gate Lodge (directly off Route 28N) and the Farm Complex (a one-mile hike).

We recommend reading  A Visitor’s Guide to Camp Santanoni: Adirondack Great Camp and National Historic Landmark to prepare for your trip.  This guide is available for download HERE (PDF) and available for purchase in our storefront HERE for only $3.95.

Although Camp Santanoni is open year-round, many of the buildings are only open during the summer months.  Santanoni is only staffed during the summer months from late-June to Labor Day. During the summer, full-time staff are on hand to give guided tours at 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m.

For more information about visiting Camp Santanoni call AARCH at (518) 834-9328, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm.

For information regarding canoe, kayak, and mountain bike rentals, contact Cloudsplitter Outfitters, 28N, Newcomb, NY 12852, call (518) 582-2583, or email:

For information on the horse-drawn wagons, or to book a ride, contact:
Larry & Pam Newcombe at Newcombe Farm – (518) 639-5534 or

Click here for a MAP of Camp Santanoni.

There are seven primitive tent sites and two lean-tos around the lake for camping on a first-come, first-served basis. Information about them and the many miles of hiking trails in the area is available HERE.

Reminders for Responsible Use of the Santanoni Preserve
  • Camp Santanoni is an historic site. Please treat the buildings, their contents, and the landscapes with respect. Leave artifacts where you find them.
  • Plan ahead and prepare. A visit to Camp Santanoni is a visit to a remote Forest Preserve site. Please plan ahead, bring proper clothing and ample food and water, travel in small groups, and keep to the carriage road and trails.
  • If you carry it in, carry it out. Pack everything that you bring in out with you.
  • Respect wildlife and plants. Leave plants and rocks where you find them. Avoid contact with animals by keeping a clean camp and by not feeding the wild animals.
  • Respect other visitors. Keep your dog close to you, leashed and under direct control at all times. Keep loud voices and noise to a minimum.
  • Camping regulations. Camp at least 150 feet from roads, trails and water. Obtain a camping permit from a Forest Ranger for groups of 10 or more or stays of more than three nights in one spot. There are nine designated camping areas in the vicinity of Santanoni’s Main Lodge. Use dead or downed wood for campfires and make sure fires are out when you leave. For complete regulations, contact a DEC office.

Winter at Santanoni

The Santanoni Preserve is open all year round and can be a wonderful winter destination on cross-country skis or snowshoes. From the Gatehouse, it is approx 5 miles to the Main Camp on gently rolling terrain, making for a 10-mile round trip. The Camp is staffed and the buildings are open only on our Winter Weekends, but it is also a beautiful spot for a self-guided tour any day. Or you can take an easy 1-mile snowshoe or ski to the Farm for a winter picnic. Stop at the Newcomb Adirondack Interpretive Center to see the Barn Model and other exhibits and pick up a trail map for the 3.5 miles of interpreted trails around the AIC that also connect to the Santanoni road.


Winter Weekends 2017

January 14 – 16 (Martin Luther King Holiday weekend)
February 18 – 20 (President’s Day weekend)
March 18 – 19

During the three Winter Weekend events cross-country skiers and snowshoers will be able to go inside the Gate Lodge and Main Lodge buildings of Camp Santanoni, view displays about the Great Camp and take interpretive tours with AARCH staff. The Artist’s Studio, a stone building near the Main Lodge on the shores of Newcomb Lake, will be open as a warming hut. Bring your own cup and enjoy free coffee, tea or hot chocolate by the woodstove. The Adirondack Interpretive Center will provide snowshoes at the Gate Lodge for any visitors without their own. Hosted by AARCH, the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Town of Newcomb.

Click on the link to read a blog post about a 2015 Winter Weekend adventure, Ski Into the Past at Camp Santanoni



Follow AARCH and Camp Santanoni social media pages for up-to-date ski conditions!

NOTE: Winter conditions can change quickly in the backcountry. Be prepared with extra warm clothing and adequate supplies for your trip.

For more information about visiting Camp Santanoni call AARCH at (518) 834-9328, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm.

Visiting in the Fall

Fall is always beautiful at Santanoni. The changing leaves bring color and new vistas for the journey to the Farm and the Main Camp. Although the Gatehouse is not staffed after Labor Day, it is worth a stop to examine the amazing stonework there. Pick up a free guide and map at the trail register just past the parking lot. The wide gravel road takes you first to the Farm complex, a nice destination for a shorter visit since it is only about a mile from the Gatehouse.  Original buildings there include the Farm Manager’s Cottage and the Creamery. Take a look at the construction of the stone arches at the Creamery. There are picnic tables at the Farm to enjoy your lunch or snack on.

As you continue towards the Main Camp, you will travel across beautiful stone bridges and through the gently rolling hills of the Forest Preserve with views of Santanoni Mountain to the north, one of the 46 peaks over 4,000 feet in the Adirondacks.  The Main Camp, with its cluster of dramatic great camp buildings, sits on the shores of Lake Newcomb. It is a 5 mile walk or bike ride from the Gatehouse to the Main Camp.


Visiting after Labor Day

After Labor Day and through the fall season, a half dozen of Santanoni’s buildings remain open for visitors. Camp Santanoni and the Gatehouse are not staffed and there are no regularly scheduled tours. However the historic site is always open and free to visit and you can create your own tour using the free guide at the trail register or the more extensive pamphlet available for purchase HERE.  

santanonicover_saleThe fully illustrated, annotated and indexed book Santanoni: From Japanese Temple to Life at an Adirondack Great Camp (242pp, 8-1/2 x 11, published by AARCH) provides the best history of the great camp and the Pruyn family, as well as a chronicle of its construction, details about the development of the Farm and much more. It can be purchased HERE.