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ftowerbFire Observation Towers

The fire observation towers on Hurricane Mountain (Essex County) and St. Regis Mountain (Franklin County) were originally designated “Wilderness” and “Canoe” areas respectively within the Forest Preserve. Thanks to friends groups, and legions of supporters, both towers are now designated “Historic”. As of 2013, Unit Management Plans are being developed for both towers.
The effort to save these towers is ongoing. For more information, contact:

Friends of Huricane Mountain Fire Tower
PO Box 426
Elizabethtown, NY 12932

Friends of St. Regis Mountain Fire Tower
c/o David Petrelli
1008 County Route 25
Malone, NY 12953

Use these web sites to educate yourself about the importance of these towers, the efforts to save them, and to find out how to sign their petitions and/or write your own letters of support.

For AARCH’s position on these fire towers, see the AARCH letters of support to the Adirondack Park Agency by clicking the links below.

AARCH Letter to APA 2-8-05 (pdf)
AARCH Letter to APA 4-17-06 (pdf)

We urge you to write the Park Agency or NYSDEC if you feel strongly about the preservation of these fire towers.

For more general information about Adirondack fire towers, see the Fire Towers section of this website.

debarDebar Pond Lodge

Debar Pond Lodge (Town of Duane) was designed by William Distin and built for the Arthur Wheeler family in 1939. In 2004, this log lodge and a half-dozen other buildings in the complex reverted to state ownership.

Thanks, in large part to AARCH’s advocacy efforts, the plan to demolish the lodge has been put off and it is currently being used for NYSDEC administrative purposes. Its fate will ultimately be determined as part of the unit management planning process for the Debar Wild Forest unit of the Forest Preserve.

For a brief history of the site, see Debar Guide (PDF)

To express your support for the preservation of Debar Pond Lodge, write to NYSDEC at:
Betsy Lowe, Director
NYSDEC, Region 5
P.O. Box 276
Ray Brook, Ny 12976